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Bullying Prevention School AssemblyBAND Together- No Bullies Allowed
This is a fantastic assembly program that tackles one of the biggest problems in the school system today: bullying. BAND was designed in conjunction with teachers, parents an students to inform your students about bullying and steps that can be taken to prevent it.   The message is close to my heart and I want to help students have a safe environment in which to study. Learn how the BAND acronym can help make your school a bully free zone!
Be a buddy not a bully
Ask for help (or Attitude)
Nobody deserves to be bullied
Don't join in help Instead  

Reading Assemblies in NewYork Reading is Magic
- A blend of magic, comedy and puppetry to explain the importance of learning to read, reading to learn, and reading for pleasure.  This program is perfect for summer reading programs at libraries, Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) kickoffs, and elementary school assemblies.  Reading is important and this program helps drive that message home by entertaining while teaching.   Kids will learn about taking care of books and go on a magical journey through a story. There lots of fun and excitement for school kids at this assembly.

Ice Cream Social & Magic Show Fundraiser - With the state of the budget in NY and surrounding states, many schools and groups are forced to go begging for money.  This special program is my way of giving back to the community.  Together, the school (or PTA, or library) and I put on a fundraiser.  The school provides the ice cream dessert and auditorium, and also sends info home about this fun night for the whole family. I provide the full length magic show (including intermission) , sound system and setup an autograph table where everybody gets something for free.  I also give you lots of tips to make even more money and get the message out without spending lots of money on advertising.  If your school needs a fun night and wants to raise some money in the process, email me or fill out the form below.  This is a great September event!

The Halloween Magic Spooktacular - This superbly funny magic show (witch by the way isn't scary) gets all the kids involved making fun noises and helping me perform a whole bunch of Halloween themed magic routines.  There's always lots of laughter and some of the kids get to come up and help perform the magic.  For a special touch I have incorporated some Halloween safety into the routine that will insure that all the kids hear about costume saftey, the buddy system, and being visible at night.   This show is a sellout every October with PTAs, fire departments and other organizations.  Please fill out the form below or call me in the office 518-587-7535 to get more information and pricing for your area.


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