NY Magician Joey D

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Albany Magician and Entertainer Joey D has been performing fun filled magic shows since 1994.  All of Joey's Magic Shows are designed to be fast paced and encompass a wide variety of entertainment to keep the audience amused.  Joey 's Magic Shows include lots of clean comedy, amazing magic and audience participation.   Imagine all the smiles that Joey's performances will invoke in your guests.  Picture the look of joy and excitement on peoples faces as they are transported back to the wonder and innocence, believing magic does happen. 

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Joey D knows that each audience is unique, so he has different magic shows and routines depending on the audience.  Joey's shows may include: Joe's Color Changing Cane, the amazing  Signed Dollar Bill in Lemon, The Rising Card, a Wacky Rope routine, and more.  You won't believe what you think you thought you saw.  People will remember the fun and laughter they shared watching Joey D's Magic and Comedy Show.  This is sure to make your event special and make you look good. 
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Joey D's 100% G-rated magic shows are a refreshing change from the same old, same old.  His magic show involves magic of course but also special sound effects, music, and the coolest routines of any children's entertainer in the area.  Joey D has been a kid's magician since 1994 and can help make your next community event a smashing success.  You will look good for hiring him.  Joey D also has some awesome holiday themed magic shows.  Click on the words holiday party, or Christmas magician, Halloween magician, or holiday magic shows for more information about children's magician Joey's holiday tailored magic shows.

During the magic show, audience members will help Joey create a carnival like atmosphere.   This is a once in a lifetime experience that they won't soon forget.  Half comedy, half magic, and entirely entertaining, if you are looking for some great entertainment, then you need to book your day with Joey D before somebody else does.

The running time of Joey's Magic and Comedy Shows can be tailored up to 60 minutes. 

We can also provide the staging, lighting, sound system, and any necessary equipment to ensure a quality performance for up to 1000 people. 

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If you are looking for a strolling magician, Joey D will amaze and amuse your guests with his close up sleight of hand card and coin magic.